30 Bugs in 30 Days

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

Now that the kids are finally back at school1 I thought I’d start picking up some bugs on GitHub to get me into the habit again. 30 bugs in 30 days sounded catchy, so I’m going with it.

Obviously it’s easy to fix 30 bugs in 30 days, as many bugs can be fixed and tested in under an hour. So I’m setting myself 30 as a minimum and planning on getting to some bugs in languages that I don’t know very well and ones that are hard in languages that I do.

That doesn’t mean necessarily one bug per day; it’s a total of 30 bugs between now and 25th October.

A good place to find bugs to work on is issue hub, so that’s where I’ve started.

  1. Well sort of, since like a lot of junior school kids they immediately came down with a cold and have now been off for another 2 weeks, although one of them has gone back. The other has this strange illness that means he’s almost unable to do anything unless he’s playing Fortnite, when he’s completely fine. Hmm 😕. ↩︎